In 1970 Claudio Onesti, aka Clod, made his debut in the comic book publishing as a pupil and collaborator of Bonvi, for whom until 1974 he designed the Capitan Posapiano series on the magazines “Cucciolo and Tiramolla”, based on the story lines by Enzo Meschiari. Since 1975 he has been drawing, on texts by Bonvi, dozens of stories by Nick Carter for Il Corriere dei Ragazzi and two stories for the television series SuperGulp. Create the sports strip (theses and drawings) Gli Olympiastri published in the newspapers “Sorry”, “Stadio”, “Il Lavoro” (Genoa) and in a monographic pocket. From 1974 to 1979 he collaborated with the weekly “Guerin Sportivo” with cartoons, covers and Le cronache del vecchio Eligio,on his owntexts, and, then, Zoyk and Il Pianeta Sound, based on texts by Beniamino Palmieri. In 1979, Clod collaborated with the German weekly “Zack”, the Belgian “Super AS” and the French “Formule 1” which published the series Gangsters Story on texts by Romano Garofano and since 1979 for the weekly French “Pif Gadget” drawing for years the homonymous character. Since 1981, Clod began the collaboration, still ongoing, with the weekly of the Gruppo Periodici San Paolo “The Newspaper” creating graphically, first on texts by Claudio Nizzi and then by Lina, the character Angela which, from 2003, will become Nut & Cami. In 1992, he published in the monthly “Sturmtruppen“, curated by Bonvi, the Sony & Hitachi martial arts series, with own texts and drawings. After Bonvi’s untimely death (1995), the Sturmtruppen and, in 1997, made a cartoon CD-Room of the video game “RISIKEN” for G&T Multimedia of Genoa. In 1998, on texts by Leo Ortolani first, and then his own, he continues, always for “Il Giornalino”, the comic series. In 2001, he was responsible for iconographic research for the great exhibition “Hello Bonvi” at the Palazzo di Re Enzo in Bologna. Since 2004, on the monthly “G-Baby” of the Gruppo Periodici S. Paolo, on texts by Lina, he draws the series of Gigio Mouse. In 2005, he is part of the group of 4 authors who realizes the special issue of Ratman. In 2007, he was Artistic Director (with Paolo Battaglia) of the Mega Monographic Exhibition on the great designer Paul Campani held at the Foro Boario in Modena. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 he was part of the organizing committee / promoter of the Bonvi Parken and, in 2013, of “L’auto nel fumetto-CARS and COMICS” at the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena (with Claudio Varetto and Stefano Bulgarelli).

2015 is the year of the birth of the new character, LE AVVENTURE DEL MIRMILLODONTE,alsopublished in “IL GIORNALINO” (Gruppo Periodici S. Paolo).

Also in 2015 he was part of the organizing staff of the FOOD&COMICS exhibition that was held at the Delfini library in Modena.

Since 2017 he has been taking care of all the iconographic research for the creation of the puppets of the newsstand series “Gli INDIMENTICABILI di CAROSELLO” (Editrice Centauria) relating only to the characters created by PAUL Campani (PAUL film) of Modena.

As soon as the pandemic began, in the spring of 2020, he drew on texts by De Maria, self-concluding cartoons of the NICK CARTER series, for now published online on various social networks.

He alternates comics, with advertising works and animated drawings for the WEB, always in comics style.

He also creates masks and theatrical sets and bust portraits in clay.

His favorite hobby is doing comic theater, so he likes to call himself: “DisegnAttore”.