gigi simeoni

After graduating from the art school and specializing in illustration and screenwriting at the Visual Arts Studio of the Argentine cartoonist Héctor Ruben Sosa, he trained as an illustrator, copyist and creative with various studios and advertising agencies, dealing with both concept-visuals and story writing.

He debuted in comics in 1990, with various comic strips published in “Cattivik” and “Lupo Alberto” (Acme / Macchia Nera editions), “Nick Carter” (Gene Vincent Editore) and “Futuro Zero” (Sistemi Chaotico editions). Since 1991 he has devoted himself to realistic comics with “Fullmoon Project” (Eden / Center TV editions) both on texts and drawings. He began collaborating with Star Comics Edizioni in 1993, on texts by Ade Capone for “Lazarus Ledd”. Later, together with the staff of the so-called “gang of Brescia”, he wrote and drew for the science fiction magazine “Hammer”.

Since 1995 he has collaborated with Sergio Bonelli Editore writing and drawing for “Nathan Never”, “Brendon”, “Gregory Hunter”, “Volto Nascosto”, “Tex”, “The Stories”, “Dylan Dog” and “Novels in comics”. For the latter magazine, he wrote and drew the thriller-noir “The eyes and the dark” (2007) and the horror “Stria” (2011). For “Le Storie”, he wrote and drew “Amore Nero” (an ideal sequel to “The eyes and the dark”), “Oxid Age” and “The race of the wolf”; he also wrote the scripts for “Silver Dollars”, “Xamu” and “The King’s Shoemaker.” For “Dylan Dog”, he has collaborated on both texts and drawings since 2012.

Since 2019 he has been teaching at the International School of Comics in Brescia.
He is preparing his first novel, a war thriller published by Newton & Compton, whose publication is scheduled for October 2021.