Gino Vercelli was born in Mombercelli (AT) on 17 June 1980.

He studied at the State Art Institute until 1978. From 1981 to 1988, he alternated his work as a graphic designer with the creation of short stories for Rizzoli’s Boy Music, for Renzo Barbieri’s Edifumetto and for Story Launch.

Vercelli started working with Sergio Bonelli Editore through the If Staff in 1988, designing the history of Operation Godzilla for the book “Zone X”.

In 1989 he joined the group of designers of Martin Mystére.

In March 1996 he published the special Prisoner of the future where Martin Mystére met Nathan Never, followed in 2001 by the second special titled The Secret of Elsewhere.

Vercelli designed the first issue of a new Sergio Bonelli Editore character released in 1999 called Jonathan Steele, to whom he collaborated until the end of the series.

He then collaborates with Nathan Never, designs the Department 51 mini-series and finally Dampyr.

Gino Vercelli is one of the founders of the Asti School of Comics for which he edited the book Musica e Nuvole, the songs by Paolo Conte in comics.

With the journalist Armando Brignolo he created the book Van Gogh, hypothesis of a crime for
Daniela Piazza Editore.

Since 2018 he has been teaching Comics and Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts of Cuneo, in the schools of Asti and Milan.