Nicola Genzianella, master pencil artist known for his dreamlike and evocative atmospheres, express his personal tribute to eros and the feminine charm drawing heroines and superheroines of American comics.

10 personaggi, 10 illustrazioni, 10 modi di interpretare la sensualità.

10 characters, 10 illustrations, 10 ways of interpreting sensuality.

From January you will find this artbook exclusively on AVALON Comic Art website in a limited and numbered edition containing the reproduction of the illustrations and all the preparatory sketches.
Pre-order now your copy of the hEROineS artbook! Send us an email at [email protected] and tell us which version you would like to purchase:

No 1. regular with printed cover at the convenient price of 25 Euros.
No 2. white cover with Genzianella’s hand drawn sketch of your choice for 50 Euros.