Dylan Dog & Martin Mystère n.1 – ULTIMA FERMATA: L’INCUBO! – Pag.0059




Size 33×48 cm. Pencil and ink.
Original Page Dylan Dog & Martin Mystère n.1, Writers ALFREDO CASTELLI – TIZIANO SCLAVI – Artist GIOVANNI FREGHIERI.

The first historic team-up between the Investigator of the Nightmare and the Detective of the Impossible.

London, 1990: the disappearance of an urban caver in the subway is the sign that, after many years, a terrible enemy is reappearing in the destinies of Dylan Dog and Martin Mystère. The two had faced the threat together twelve years before, but now they have to explore the underground London, where a dark evil is about to be awakened

The comic strip up to the right is attacched to an other sheet

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